Thursday, July 31, 2008

Milan man beaten in Moline

Got up for our usual walk
but kiddo informed me
as we were heading out the door
that a fellow was beaten on Tuesday evening
beaten by a couple brats with clubs
( they probably have dinky w**-w**s
but that's another blog)
......take away my couple brats -- the article in the paper didn't say who did the beating
and it doesn't look random -- so folks totally disregard everything....
the guy was beat up on our secondary walk route
he walked himself to the loading dock
of the Daily Dispatch
where he was taken to the hospital
I guess he is in really bad shape
fractured skull, collapsed lung, and other injuries
So many absolute idiots out there
and the other idiots are those that sit in their
air conditioned homes and hear/do nothing
no wonder it's not safe
you know i really, really hate guns
but i'm beginning to feel
like i have an annie oakley alter ego
just pull some crap buddy boys
and i'll whip out my pistols so fast
geez it's not the zen moment i really want to feel
i need to pick up a fresh copy
of Tricycle or the Buddhist Review
and get past this

or kiddo how many days will those tazer guns take to get here