Tuesday, July 22, 2008

power out

We started to head out for our usual walk at 5:00 a.m. Monday morning but the sky was so azip with electrical action that we turned around and came home. Good thing, the weather station was saying we had a storm front that was moving in that produced 550 zaps in a 5 minute period. By 6:00 we had 94 mile an hour winds and trees going down every which way.
Green skies, lightening bolts galore and wind that about took the patio set to Timbuktu. A major bolt hit a transformer and we've been without power until about 3 min ago. Actually, we were just one of 150,000 people without juice because of this storm cell.
It's amazing to live without power, without puter, without washer and dryer. Without constant man made noise. Well, I was cursing the neighbors use of a gas powered generator....instead of sweating and trying to sleep to the sound of the crickets, it was just major purr, cough cough generator sounds wafting through the open window.
Plants aplenty got squished by a downed tree limb (the neighbors but it fell on this side of the fence). We had a day of it dragging debris to the curbside for pick-up. It felt good to work hard and sweat. Not that I would wish it upon myself on a normal day.....just turn on the air and get away from the unpleasantness of the heat. But it really felt good, you appreciate the slightest breeze and silently beg for the return of another. Whisper soft against your skin, cooling laps after beads of sweat, rolling over the body. And then it returns. Touch me again kind wind.
Couldn't work, so when the plant type physical stuff ended, I took liberty to just sit and watch the garden. And the monarchs graced my view, as did a giant tiger swallowtail. Oh, he/she was a beauty and lingered for most of an hour, flitting from one batch of coneflower to another. We have a large flat leaf parsley patch and rue....perhaps, if it was a she, eggs were left behind.
It was so very good to have a 39 hour break from the electronic world.