Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moline, IL storm damage - a ravaged landscape

went out touring today

so many fallen trees
homes to squirrel and bird
cast about like tinkertoys
abandoned by a spoiled child

that 94 mile an hour breeze
sure made a mess of things
the lights are still out on John Deere Expressway
why they didn't have a police officer
directing traffic during rush hour
is beyond what i can comprehend
wait i didn't go out until 6:00
i can pretend it was
taken care of during the busy hours

i hope with all the downed trees
some of them are used as fuel
or a woodcarvers beginning

supposedly we have 1,000
extra utility workers here
trying to set things right
i've seen caravans of their vehicles
boom boxes riding high
entrusted with erector set know how
to put the tinkertoy village
together again

got space
plant a tree
in 60 years
we'll almost have
what we lost monday

we can only do
what we can
we cannot suck in
yesterday's wind