Sunday, August 24, 2008

home sweet home

after three weeks on the road it's good to be home again.
well, actually I touched base between weekly outings
but it's seems the time was just spent
doing laundry, catching up with odd stuff
and generally racing around preparing for the next week

yesterday i got to pull weeds
deadhead a few things
and clip back the zealous trumpet vine

i got to hang in the garden while the gold finches
bobbed on the purple cone flower
delicately tearing the seeds from the flower heads
and the purple finches clung
to the swaying purple millet
inconspicuously harvesting fresh seed

i was eyeballed square in the eye
by a halted in flight hummingbird
whose flight path of choice i was blocking

yellow swallowtail, giant swallowtail
monarch, painted ladies, blue sulfas
each kept the garden in a constant state of motion
a kaleidoscopic Monet

i'll need to look up the small black butterfly
30 or more of them graced the salvias

so much life and activity
but the earth is parched
we haven't passed out
as much hose water this year
and it shows

the cucs and zucs are done for the season
and the outback tomatoes are nearing toast status
the 14 near the house are still fine looking and producing plants

we sit on a hill and it seems the rains
frequent the lower lying areas more often
maybe just my imagination
maybe i beg too often
to be graced with water

i love this place