Thursday, August 14, 2008

out there

i've been on the road this month
don't have a laptop
so don't touch base with this

i'm exhausted
but just have to report
on two of the neatest things
i experienced
while in southern illinois

in vandalia
while taking a walk
i saw tons of sweetpea vines
growing wild along a ditch
they were small treasures to behold
had they been cultivated
or is that just a wild flower further south
i don't know
they made me feel good inside

in chester illinois
i had fried dill pickles
for the first time
i know fried (to be avoided)
but they were so good
my coworker was talking
to her daughter about them
and found out we can get
them right here at home
at hooters

ain't gonna happen

good night all
open your eyes to the little things
and the big picture will take care
of itself

or not

at least you got to smile
along the way