Monday, September 29, 2008

obedient spinners

tonight on my walk
i came upon a young toddler
barely standing
but smiling and waving
at the approaching stranger
i returned
the smile and wave
his mom said say bye
he obediently put forth

i ran into another child
possibly two
who was spinning in circles
but took the time for a friendly
hi, smile and bye

each of these
children so young and innocent
each of these children
just touched me and the legacy
we're about to sign and hand down to them

how many years will they be paying
for our bailout
what quality of life
will be lacking for them
because we were selfish and stupid

they will obediently
put forth the bailout funds
but they'll be spinning
most of their adult life
because of us
because of this

i felt like the grim reaper