Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ralph nader (you done me wrong)

oh ralphie ralphie
what to say
i'm falling for you anyway

last election
you done me wrong
dem vote plus ralphie take
would have put the dems
in office
but no go
you got your glory
and we got bushed

now cheatin biden
and #^@*$#@ palin
have been forced
upon our election palette
simply argh

and so ralphie
old long in the shadows
but ever faithful
and present ralphie

i believe i'll cast
my gaze
through the list
of presidential candidates
(with running mates)
and pause over the fifth entry

and cast my vote for you once again
and don't tell me
it's a throw away vote
and don't tell me
it's an indirect vote for her
yeah, well just don't tell me so

and ralphie
during tabulation
try to avoid
the ensuing delusions of grandeur

please ralphie
just don't do me wrong again