Thursday, September 11, 2008

rotten mood

all the hoopla about an election
we're such a batch
of look at us idiots
canada is having an election in October
how much have you heard of it

the war the war
the endless war
kind of a stale subject
unless you are part of the turmoil
unless you are there
native and invader alike
subjected to the harsh reality

and then there's the super collider
set to rush an atom along a 17 mile trail
and blast it to pieces
looking for the god piece
the mini black hole
and with what repercussions
i believe if god is found
all life will cease to exist
and become but one again
the godhead

so hey next month
there's a possibility
we'll be returned to the state of one
catch ya there
all idiots, tortured souls and plain good folk

like anything ever really mattered
or we could go on pretending