Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sarah palin vice president

oh god
(if there is a god)
help us

like we need
to be putting
a miss america
in the white house

the photo on the front page
of the newspaper
with mccain smiling
like a gaa gaa groom
on his wedding day
was not the look
he'd have smeared across
his face
if that were a man by his side
or who knows

a woman poked in
just cause she's a woman
doesn't cut it

to me 5 kids says
she isn't environmentally responsible
there is birth control, lady

and that bear skin rug
you just lost the peta vote
oh but gained that of the nra
guess they have more pac dollars
to pass around
heck, good for you

it seems
we're all idiots
on a fast boat to china
keep buying
and they'll own us soon enough

now to embrace
the year of the rat
and the possible reigning miss vice