Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angela Davis where are you now

the last time i really felt good
about giving my vote to a candidate
was ages ago
when i voted for Angela Davis
for vice president
i can't recall who her running mate was

well according to Cain
we now have another socialist
so i guess i will
turn my back on my man Nader
and give Obama
two thumbs up
although i'm not
particularly impressed
with that gray fellow Biden

what to say
the economy is such a mess
and that was such a smooth move
turning the bailout over to who????
that's where the real power
for the next four years is going to be
that group will be able to dictate anything

Buckley got fired from The Nation
because of a blog post
be careful
what you write
it can and will
be used against you

opus are there bigger issues to your demise?