Monday, October 6, 2008

Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato

i'm in love
i'm in love
i'm in love

with this simple fruit
Aunt Ruby's German Green

i eat a combination
of reds with this green
and i'm sorry they just lack flavor

Aunt Ruby's just has a bit of tart
that makes it really appealing
to the taste buds

and fried green tomatoes
using this variety
in a state of undone green
are really the tastiest I've ever come across

for the record I do nothing fancy
to make fried greens
simply slice in one third inch slices
dip in moo juice and eggs
slip through flour
slap into a skillet of sputtering butter
oh but i do add a chopped thai hot pepper
i cook on a little less than med heat
flip and once a fork can slip through
out they come
give them a chance to cool a bit
too hot and you can't taste the flavor

this is my second raving
on this tomato
if i could only grow one variety
in the garden
this would be the one

of course i know
a cherry plant or two will
self seed

you need a plant or two
of straight to the mouth maters
for those times you don't want
to be chained to the kitchen