Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Edna Jester-Plays Hard Ball

Edna Jester of Blue Ash Ohio is facing petty theft charges
yep, the 89 year old spunky gal refuses to give
the neighborhood children their ball back

Let's hear it for Edna
You go girl
You go girl
You go girl

Why am I rooting for Edna
because I've had plants
nurtured for years
that have turned into a broken stem nothing
because of a chance encounter with a misdirected ball
and if it were just one runaway ball
the little ****s could be forgiven
but it's intentional
and it's rampant

Parents are not teaching their children
to respect other peoples property

For Pete's sake
we have fences
and the darn kids climb the fences

and don't tell me to call the police
because they just view
the caller as the problem

just keep your balls
in your own yard
and leave us Edna's alone

and don't tell me to try to be nice to the children
i am a flower and critter kind of person
a Popeye's dad kinda women
and i hates children
(with good cause)
nah, but in this case, yep