Monday, October 13, 2008

a frickin opus contest

ok i'm disenchanted now
bb you just turned the demise of opus
into a money oriented contest?

through the paper shredder
with him
i just don't care anymore

send him
to that great dandelion field
in the sky
where he can romp and play
with all his little bloom county friends of yesteryear
i really don't care

or send him
to the anxiety closet
for the rest of time
where......we all know what that could entail

or just, just please
let him rest within each of us

contest (with snort of contempt)
i couldn't even get on your website yesterday
yes, you have a following
i'm not sure they'll snake dance
on over to the pete and pickles aisle
good luck, good buy

i've got to find a new demigod
to worship

any suggestions?