Tuesday, October 14, 2008

lottsa holes

this evening i helped my daughter
by digging many pot sized holes
into the garden

we get these plants
we really don't have space for

this time of year
we spend days digging holes
in the vege bed
or into any other spare bit of land
and dropping pots of well rooted stock
in for winter keeping

she gathered over 20 pots
of baby phlox this spring
they'll be very healthy plants come next season
and we have a half dozen butterfly bushes
that have spent a couple years in a pot
we were hoping to save them
from ants and aphids this year
but even when perched on a tabletop
they became infested
there are tons of extra day lilies
and trees
there is a forty acre woods
contained in pots
on our 4/10 acre plot

she really believed
she'd be moving to a place
with more land
and stocked up accordingly

i'm certain
someday the kids will
have more land
and maybe some of this overflow
will make it there with them
the trees are just getting a jump start
on their new home