Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oprah - Needs some Tweeking

i seldom see the show anymore
but yesterday my daughter had it on
and somehow i got captivated by it
how to save money
and get by this down time

i was bombarded with false information
or just things not quite right

the lady who by unplugging appliances
when not in use
went from 190+ in March
to 90+ in May to eventually a 60+ dollar utility bill
did anyone take weather into consideration???
and by constantly plugging and unplugging
you're putting stress on the plug and wall socket
get a strip power cord and just turn on/off the power switch
you'll save a bit, a tiny bit

coupon lady
#1 if everyone
becomes a cherry picker
the stores won't be offing any great deals
these are simply lures to the store
they cannot afford to maintain
these offerings at mass buyouts
and really who allows you to buy
only the second part of a buy one get one 50% off deal
what cashier or manager
did she know that let her slip
that one by

that couple helping the loss of income couple
pick up a chicken for dinner
wallah, it's served
sorry but most people
wouldn't know what to do with a whole chicken
they aren't knowledgeable
about whacking a chicken into pieces ready for the fry pan

and Oprah i'm sorry but
while your intentions are good
your underlying message
of things will level out and get better
is sorely amiss

the folks a few hundred years ago
came in with a batch of trinkets
and took the land from the indians

the chinese have simply
given us cash so we could
choose our own trinkets
and with 47% of our debt owed to them
they'll be able to say pay up
or the land is ours

yeah, muster up
all things pass

folks, the cushie is over