Thursday, October 9, 2008

Opus, Opus, Opus, Sigh

i just ran across the NPR interview with your creator. you're really gonna bite the dust. i'm so sad. i've been spending the day crying and feeling numb like i'd just lost my best friend. he's tossing in the towel on Opus and why? cause his daughter said he smiled better when working on a kiddy book. sigh..oh, sigh.

it's not just Opus i've lost, with bb out of the say it like it is circuit who is there to listen to?
my daughter says i need to pick up some real people.

i just hope he hasn't silenced his political voice because it's just too dangerous to speak out.
it's easier to play with practical pigs and elephants.
fewer people who disagree with your views.
fewer people who could possibly wish the ones you love ill will.

i don't blame him for putting Opus down.
but i'm saddened to lose one of the few voices of reason.

i don't think i can read the final frame
i think i'll just tuck the paper away
and pretend that Opus is on his merry way
simply an old friend i parted from
and failed to keep track of.

Ranger Reek please entertain
the fellow with the bit of a nose
i'll be along