Sunday, October 26, 2008

Syria bombed

i find it hard
to flit about the house
to go on
like things are normal

i'm part of this
i'm a citizen
my tax dollars
deployed these missiles
my silent voice
gives them the go ahead

i don't want to be
part of this world
if this is the message
i'm part of

Syria, i'm so sorry
about the brutal
bloodshed and terror

is this an american mission
is this a christian mission
i deplore them

i'm not an Allah kind of girl
i just believe in "that which is"
no name, no description
no masses willing to do battle with
anothers interpretation
of "that which is"

we're all in this together
when are we going to start
behaving such

or is the cosmic rhythm
self destruction
unification of the ultimate godhead

in the meantime
i'm kinda tired
of being in the camp
with the world bully

but i can't afford to head elsewhere

so all i can do is ask
for being part of this madness