Thursday, October 16, 2008

triumph foods processing plant delayed IL

let's hear it for the pigs
that won't be traveling
this way to be processed

at least for a while longer

everyone is humming
it's the sour economy
that has made
acquiring the 133. something million
in loans
necessary to build the plant
and that is why the project is on hold

my own paranoid pundit take on the matter
and you can be sure there are miscued stats here
but this is what's rattling around in this particular brain.

ok, the land they were to build on
is kinda sitting in flood waters
it may have worked in nebraska
but they did end up
with some contamination of waterways.......
how much did that cost triumph?

and here's the biggy
i thought 60% of their processed pigs
were headed for markets in japan
wasn't there a story out recently
about bone fragments showing up
in meat imported from us
that's a big no no over there
potential disease carrier of some sorts
or is the beef they were referring to
still if they have trouble
with our slaughtering skills
don't you think that could result
in a no piggies to this market
loss of contract for triumph
without a major contractual commitment
wouldn't loans be more difficult to secure
sliding economy or not

hey i'm happy to see them
halting operations
i didn't want to see our waterways polluted
by such industry

hey if i'm rambling and i'm wrong
blame it on those piggy chemicals
(PC or PIN)
that have entered my brain
i certainly
wouldn't want the japanese
to suffer from this dementia

for you no triumph