Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opus/Cinderella Someday you'll wake up,please

ok i've kept my promise to myself
and have not read the Opus comic strip
the last few weeks

this morning my daughter
beamed up
the humane society page
and there was my bud
tucked into bed
fast asleep
in Good Night Moon

my heart screams out
no not forever

i believe in fairy tales
cinderella awakens
so will you
oh, so will you
we just have to give it time

and in the meantime
the us army has put out a report
of internet groups that
pose a threat to the country

right up there
with communists
are vegetarians

Opus where must
the likes of you
have fallen on this list?

best to sleep a spell
give your creator and his family
a break from your unruly ways

tears roll
will all slightly leftest voices be silenced?

i only hope
one day
your prince returns
bb finds your voice again.